The battlesuit

Here’s a look at the battlesuit concept.

Available late in the game, the battlesuit provided the ultimate source of protection for the human team, outclassing the light armor and helmet upgrades that could be purchased earlier on. Humans in a battlesuit were nearly unstoppable against weaker aliens like the dretch and basilisk, and were mostly impervious to alien base defenses, allowing for a human to get in and destroy the overmind. Tyrants provided enough damage to take battlesuits down in a few well-aimed swipes, and the lack of mobility in enclosed spaces like ventilation systems often closed off many potential escape routes. Still, the battlesuit was well worth its cost, allowing a human to survive long enough to land critical blows on aliens and their bases.

Our battlesuit has been designed by PhilZero, and takes on a less bulky form than the classic Tremulous suit. It is not currently being modeled, but we are very eager to get onto this as soon as we can do so. Gameplay-wise, we have already added a medium armor class between the light armor and battlesuit, allowing for greater protection before it becomes available. Of course, heavier armor will reduce your capacity to do crazy acrobatics for sustained periods. We may add some other features to the suit as well, as we continue to go about our gameplay development.

Keep an eye out for more!