So you want to be a hero?

You can be one in real life, join us!

Otherwise, play the game and save your species from the invasion! Become a marine, handle your big weapon and dress that impressive exoskeleton to save the human race like a boss. Or if you prefer, be a monstrous beast and save those cute grangers from those two-legged invaders who only know how to turn beautiful organic equilibrium into lifeless machines and dead concreted worlds.

Recent News

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  • Surviving the third race

    Surviving the third race

    An ancient dream From forgotten age, players have talked about the idea of introducing a third race to play. This idea is very ancient, people already talked about it at …Read More »
  • Riding a new horse

    Riding a new horse

    So, we moved our network infrastructure to a new hoster. We had some trouble with the previous one in the last days of April (and it was not the first …Read More »
  • Unvanquished Area 51

    Unvanquished Area 51

    So, we did it! Let’s welcome our latest, long awaited release, the 0.51 one! Get it while it’s hot! There is a lot of changes in that release since previous …Read More »

A free, open-source first-person strategy shooter, pitting technologically advanced human soldiers against hordes of highly adaptable aliens