🏆 Unvanquished is a real-time strategy game played as a first-person shooter where evolving aliens and heavily armed humans fight for their survival.

So you want to be a hero?

You can be one in real life, join us!

Otherwise, play the game and save your species from the invasion! Become a marine, handle your big weapon and dress that impressive exoskeleton to save the human race like a boss. Or if you prefer, be a monstrous beast and save those cute grangers from those two-legged invaders who only know how to turn beautiful organic equilibrium into lifeless machines and dead concreted worlds.

Recent News

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  • Unvanquished 0.54, ARMed and dangerous

    Unvanquished 0.54, ARMed and dangerous

    Happy new year, Unvanquished 0.54 is there!  🎉 Many bugs were fixed as usual, the game can now run on Linux ARM devices, navigation meshes for bot navigation are now …Read More »
  • Unvanquished 0.53.2: refinements

    Unvanquished 0.53.2: refinements

    Here comes the second point release of Unvanquished 0.53, ready to be downloaded! If you play using our launcher or Flatpak, the update will be proposed to you automatically! Alongside …Read More »
  • 10 years and Unvanquished

    10 years and Unvanquished

    The Unvanquished game turned 10 years old this year! We published 0.53.1 this month, ➡️ Download and join the game! Unvanquished is a real-time strategy game played as a first-person shooter …Read More »

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A free, open-source first-person strategy shooter, pitting technologically advanced human soldiers against hordes of highly adaptable aliens