Nightly Experimental Server0.52.1station150/24 (6 bots)Connect
bot Bot#143bot
bot Bot#243bot
bot Bot#312bot
bot Bot#432bot
bot Bot#534bot
bot Bot#628bot
bot testing: strong (SK7)0.52.1plat230/24 (10 bots)Connect
bot Uriel115bot
bot Urrotz123bot
bot Nolwen116bot
bot Lena127bot
bot Morgan157bot
bot Alaric98bot
bot Adelin118bot
bot Brieux109bot
bot Renan115bot
bot Clodomir56bot
[EU] { le frag courtois } 0.52.1 #10.52.1karith0/31 (10 bots)Connect Stats
bot Audran0bot
bot Adelin0bot
bot Ferdinand0bot
bot Brieux0bot
bot Alistair0bot
bot Urrotz0bot
bot Morgan0bot
bot Soizic0bot
bot Itsaso0bot
bot Belem0bot
bot testing: average (SK5)0.52.1rsmse0/24 (10 bots)Connect
bot Muxika238bot
bot Aroa188bot
bot Nolwen262bot
bot Itsaso300bot
bot Soizic327bot
bot Brieux215bot
bot Malo257bot
bot Clodomir254bot
bot Audran221bot
bot Alistair155bot
privat0.52.2weltraum0/4Connect Stats
New-EDGE .org (EU) - (10 bots)Connect Stats
bot Bot#10bot
bot Bot#20bot
bot Bot#30bot
bot Bot#40bot
bot Bot#50bot
bot Bot#60bot
bot Bot#70bot
bot Bot#80bot
bot Bot#90bot
bot Bot#100bot
bot testing: maximum strength (SK9)0.52.1karith0/24 (10 bots)Connect
bot Soizic102bot
bot Nolwen160bot
bot Muxika117bot
bot Morgan136bot
bot Belem93bot
bot Malo94bot
bot Audran100bot
bot Baudry88bot
bot Adelin115bot
bot Clodomir82bot

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