The launcher will download and update the game data with bittorrent, install and configure the game properly for you and keep it up to date. The launcher is free software as well. Linux users can also install a Flatpak.

The downloaded content is stored by the launcher in XDG_DATA_HOME on Linux, Program Files on Windows, and in Library/Application Support on macOS. See Game locations page on the wiki for details.

System requirements

Unvanquished requires about 600MB of disk space for a fresh installation.

Requirements CPU cores CPU freq. RAM VRAM OpenGL Preset
Minimum 1 2GHz 2GB 64MB 3.2 lowest
Recommended 2 2GHz 4GB 512MB 3.2 high

The Dæmon engine also supports OpenGL 2.1 with ARB_half_float_vertex and ARB_framebuffer_object but the game will be too slow on such hardware. More information on the wiki: GPU compatibility matrix.

Known workarounds

  • Intel: If you get graphical issues on Intel UHD when firing weapons, just use the medium preset and everything will be fine.

Other downloads

This is for advanced users. You won't be able to use the server list from this website to join games, neither join games from the chat.
Your operating system or unarchiver may not extract the game in a way it can work.
The game may not run if you don't know what application translocation means.

Note : if you need to build the game to run on an unsupported system (like a very old Linux distribution), you only need to build the engine.

A free, open-source first-person strategy shooter, pitting technologically advanced human soldiers against hordes of highly adaptable aliens