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announce We are living in various time zones all around the globe, please keep the chat open until someone replies! announce

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Channel infos

Meet and talk to the devs! :granger: Join games! 😎️ Chat with your team! :bsuit: Get help!

ℹ️ We are chatting on the #unvanquished channel on Libera.Chat IRC, the development channel is #unvanquished-dev, see the wiki for other channels. hammer
ℹ️ Here is a Matrix invite link, this is a good way to reach our channels if you already have a Matrix client and account. :thumbup:
ℹ️ Here is a Discord invite link to reach people on Discord in a way they can talk with people on IRC and know about IRC. :thumbup:
ℹ️ You can also let a message in forums. Welcomeβ€―! wink

Channel rules

By joining the chat you agree to the Unvanquished channel rules:

Extra rules may apply that are specific to the chat platform you connect to, like the Libera.Chat channel guidelines, Matrix code of conduct or the Discord terms of service.

About Discord, Matrix and IRC

You may find Discord Terms of service to be unfriendly and/or unacceptable, that’s why our channels are hosted on IRC and we make special efforts to keep this IRC service welcoming for you. The discord bridge exists to prevent proliferation of discord channels that would not connect people to IRC.

Matrix is an alternative way to connect to our chat. It’s recommended to use the Unvanquished room, which is a native Matrix room we bridge ourselves. This is the easiest configuration (the user just has register to matrix and join) and also the more reliable.

Some people may prefer to use Matrix as an IRC client and then use this other room, the integration with IRC will be more polished but this requires more configuration from the user and the Matrix built-in bridge is less reliable than ours.

Libera.Chat IRC (and Freenode before it) had undergone flood attacks that encouraged people and projects to migrate from IRC to other proprietary services. We refused to migrate to Discord and have taken the necessary steps to make our IRC channels safe and welcoming to our users.

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