A new human structure

Today, let’s look at a new human structure in the works.

Much like the flying class will present our first major divergence for the alien team, a new structure will be added for the humans to use in their bases. Similar in size and price to a turret, and very likely using the same base to provide visual coherency, the rocket pod will provide the human team with a new means of defense. Rather than firing instant-hit rounds like the turret, the structure will instead fire unguided rockets, which will be just potent enough to kill a dretch assuming that the shot hits. Each rocket can be dodged, and while the pod does not have a high rate of fire, the range is much greater than that of a turret. The rocket pod may supplement the tesla generator, or may replace it entirely. At the moment, we are leaning towards removing the tesla generator altogether.

The concept was done by Alex B. O’Dowd, and the potential gameplay mechanics by Viech based off a suggestion from Norfenstein. It is not currently being modeled, but is up next on the queue.

Stay tuned!