A look at the female soldier

Did you know we were working on a female model?

Now you do!

Functionally speaking, the female soldier will perform identically to the male soldier in every way, with the differences being purely aesthetic. She will have access to the exact same equipment, and in most cases the equipment models will be adjusted or redone to fit her body, much like in the case of games like Urban Terror. The major exception will probably be the battlesuit, which is a very bulky set of armor that will likely be identical for both soldiers, mainly for practical reasons and time constraints. In addition, we’ve had female voice chat commands (“vsays”) in storage for a while now, and they will be ready for use when we release her in a future update. Before then, we’ll need to find a source of voice acting for her so that we can have a full set of sounds.

The concept was done by Alex B. O’Dowd, and currently, the model is being worked on by Casey, who has finished the new granger for us. As work is done on her, you can expect to hear more news, including a shot of the in-progress model. In the meantime, perhaps we should think up a name for her and the male soldier?