Spotlight: tyrant

Today, the tyrant.

Concept: Gregstein
Model: Dandoombuggy
Animation: gavlig
Status: complete

By far the largest alien form, the tyrant is a hulking behemoth that can both take and deal an enormous amount of damage. Unlike the other aliens, which are all mobile in their own special ways, the tyrant is mainly confined to the ground and has little vertical movement to speak of. Instead, it is capable of building up and using small bursts of speed, which can also be used to trample humans against walls. The tyrant also has two massive claws that can easily shred through armor and buildings alike, often proving lethal after the first blow or two. Of course, being such a large and slow-moving alien, the tyrant is an easy target, and will fall to sustained, focused firepower from large groups of humans. While powerful against single opponents, the tyrant has a great deal of trouble in taking down multiple sprinting humans without the aid of teammates to distract them. Unique to the alien forms, the tyrant has enough health to sustain the entire damage output of a single grenade or full-charged lucifer cannon blast and still fight on.

Considering that the tyrant easily fills the niche of a huge tank, there isn’t much else to do with the tyrant to make it interesting. For instance, there aren’t any special movement types that we could give it, and the attacks it possesses are straightforward and self-explanatory. However, we might be open to giving it some other abilities. For example, a means of stunning surrounding humans in some way, like a sort of seismic roar or something involving pounding the ground in some way. Anything done to the tyrant would be to assist it against large groups of humans, where it does particularly poorly. Base attacks are mostly done by the other alien forms, and using a tyrant for them often leads to blocking the way of smaller teammates. Giving it some sort of support ability might help.

What are your suggestions for the tyrant?