Spotlight: granger

Finally, friend granger!

Concept: Khaos
Model: Casey
Animation: gavlig
Status: near-completion

The granger is the building form of the alien team. While humans are capable of using a construction kit to build their bases, aliens are unique in that they have an entire form dedicated to doing so. As such, the granger does not have much combat capability to speak of, mainly resorting to a weak bite and hurling blobs of creep. It can crawl around on walls starting around mid-game, allowing it to place structures in hard-to-reach spots. While the granger is rarely seen outside of an alien base, it has a great amount of personality and is cherished by significant portions of the community, with at least several members refusing to fire upon them. After all, it takes a truly callous individual to hurt a granger after hearing its gurgling and gazing into all six beady, black eyes.

Our granger will likely remain much the same as the Tremulous variety, considering that there isn’t much leeway in designing a form meant entirely for building and being adorable. However, one change we are considering is removing the ability to wall climb and instead give the granger a means of firing structures at walls and ceilings, much like its current spit attack. At some point we might consider some sort of support ability, but for now, the granger will probably just remain the gurgly green friend that anyone can enjoy.

That wraps up the series of spotlight articles on the alien team, thanks for reading! You can also expect a big announcement coming soon.