Spotlight: dragoon

Here’s the dragoon.

Concept: Khaos
Model: Osiris
Status: in-progress

The dragoon is the first heavy assault form available to the alien team, and retains this capacity throughout the entire game. With both a large amount of health and a potent melee attack, the dragoon is a terrifying beast at close range, tearing apart unarmored humans in a matter of seconds and providing a challenge even to protected humans. However, this is tempered by the slow rate of attack and the dragoon’s particularly large size, which makes it an easy target. Despite its bulk, the dragoon is surprisingly mobile, possessing a pounce attack that both allows it to slam itself into humans for heavy amounts of damage, as well as reaching otherwise inaccessible locations. The upgraded form of the dragoon can also spit barbs over a long arc.

Much like the marauder, we view the dragoon to be particularly well designed. It can be used in a variety of contexts, from picking off lone humans to taking apart undefended bases, especially with the aid of the barbs. Most of our changes to the dragoon have been to fix bugs with its attacks that have been present since Tremulous GPP. On the other hand, we are still open to suggestions, even though the dragoon fulfills a particularly broad niche.

What would you be interested in seeing with the dragoon? Or, are you content to see it remain the same?