New year, new release! Alpha 47!


Happy new year! It’s our first release for 2016, and we have some nice new content for you.

On the engine side of things we’ve added in Breakpad support, which is a built-in crash reporting system. It is currently available for Windows, Linux, and NaCl, with Mac support to come in the near future. This will simplify bug reporting for users while providing us with more useful information to debug things, something that will be good to have as we approach beta and polish out the user experience. Speaking of bugs, we’ve squashed a couple of them, including logging/console spam, a clustering code crash, cheat cvars not being reset to their default values, an empty map crash, the repeater being on its side, and some more things you can read through in the commit log.

There’s another new model in this release, the medistation, which replaces the placeholder we were using. It fits in better with our other human buildings, and has a new effect associated with it. Let us know what you think! While on the topic of humans, we’ve added in a number of movement changes for human players:

  • Slide. While moving quickly, jump and crouch as you hit the ground. This will slide you forward a good distance at a high speed. Use it to throw off an attacking alien, quickly slide into a vent, or cover a stretch of ground while strafe-jumping.
  • Wall-run. To trigger this, move along a wall and jump against it while running. It’s similar to how you would wall-jump as a marauder, but does not provide you with nearly as much extra distance. Use it to scale gaps, or get up on top of crates you can’t jump onto.
  • Side-dodge. Making a return from GPP, dodging to the sides can now be performed. Obviously, you can’t dodge backwards, which was one of the most annoying parts of the GPP implementation. Double-tap left or right to leap to that side. Use it to evade alien attacks.

You can also go up ladders at full-speed now instead of slowly crawling up and down.


  • 3f73a5f Cleanup some comments
  • dec19a7 Fix #849
  • 607ed43 Update listGameCmds to listSGameCmds
  • e16819f Make sure we initialize cgame console commands only once.
  • 5e72438 Revert “Correctly transmit spectator health”
  • ef359dd g_emptyTeamsSkipMapTime
  • 71f4d49 ishq’s suggestions
  • bd441dc include real players only (thanks @Viech)
  • 130f853 fix wrong command
  • 22efcc3 No point in limiting the speed of going up ladders
  • 2cfbcf2 Add side dodge on doubletap
  • 967fa28 initial wallrun implementation
  • d378fdc Add a SpectatorClassComponent that copies the playerstate of the spectated plaer.
  • d34c5c6 Adjust side dodge width
  • ec08f93 make wallrunning take stamina
  • 61ba003 Change unnecessary float to bool
  • cdb4cc8 Fix memory leak introduced in Spectator commit
  • 92035fc Change unnecessary float to bool
  • 8b18d9a Fix memory leak introduced in Spectator commit
  • cda0276 Initial sliding implementation. Crouch while jumping to slide
  • 8a22d80 Limit sliding to non-bsuit humans
  • 8dbd235 Play idle crouch anim while sliding
  • abb451a Improve wallrunning physics.
  • 889c32c Fix a division by zero bug.
  • 26e6a24 Allow holding jump to jump
  • 9c98c92 add a floating point fudge factor to the floating complain to silence log spam
  • dae8237 Walljumps no longer cost stamina. Modify walljump detection logic
  • a5d6465 Medistation idle should loop
  • 397af52 Also loop idle2
  • da60ff5 Fix spectator desaturation effect
  • b0f14e1 Spectators need health too. #SpectatorLivesMatter
  • 6808154 Fix R_ModelBounds
  • 0146ad6 Always reset Cvar::CHEAT cvars to default value.
  • c812e45 Also ensure Cvar::ROM cvars are reset
  • b22eaba Human upgrade panel: remove `Events.pushevent(‘hide human_build’, event)` text
  • 69d60e0 Add alt shader support for idle and idle2
  • bafc75a Bump side dodge multiplier
  • 22cab44 Remove extraneous () for comparing altShader conditions
  • 2a6280a Revert “Spectators need health too. #SpectatorLivesMatter”
  • d91bb1f Don’t try to get HealthComponent for specs in TeamInfoMessage
  • ffab243 Replace all uses of functions with locale-independent versions
  • 201a279 Fix CMake builds for CMake >= 3.4
  • f196d37 Define LINE_DISTANCE_EPSILON publicly.
  • d8826b6 Workaround an optimization bug in Clustering code that could lead to a crash
  • 283c188 Hack to stop undefined symbol error when using SDL2 + VS2015
  • 60cc2e5 Breakpad integration: optionally generate crash dumps for Windows and Linux engine as well as all NaCl VMs
  • aee1307 Mark cgame VM loading options as Cvar::CHEAT
  • e9de3bc OSX CI
  • 8ad0573 Appveyor: fix pip
  • 67ee133 Revert “Mark VM loading options as Cvar::CHEAT”
  • 97429a9 Add warmup element to HUD
  • 157eee9 Force idle animation for powerup/down animations
  • 7cfcd5c Version bump to Alpha 47
  • dc83759 Add medi files

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  1. Umm… is that really a screenshot? It looks somehow like a bad photoshop made out of three pictures with slightly different perspectives and scales?

  2. I agree, models doesn’t cast a realistic shadow and thats why it looks so plastic but im sure its an ingame shot.

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