Alpha 46: happy holidays!


Here’s our December release! We’re kicking off the holiday season with a new model, a map update, our new updater, and more of the usual code changes.

First off, on the art side we’ve got the new flamethrower model in, as well as the latest release of our map Forlorn. The flamethrower replaces the placeholder we were using, and is ready for both first-person and third-person viewing. Grill some aliens with it for Christmas! Forlorn now has some large spaces redone, showing off the continued development of that map and its associated texture pack.

Internally, more work has been done on the engine infrastructure, including work on binary messages, vectors, CBSE, and cvar code. Very little of that would be visible to the average user, but it’s crucial for our continued engine development, especially for other projects interested in using our engine. We’ve also fixed a couple of annoying bugs, including permanent surface flames and servers disconnecting players after a map vote. Also, dragoon barbs will now regenerate faster when you’re in proximity to boosters or creep, which we can tell has been a long-desired tweak!

We are also debuting our updater this release. It will be the preferred means of downloading our game, and, as the name would suggest, it would also be used to update it. The updater runs off Qt and is cross-platform, and it should be fairly easy for websites and package maintainers to distribute, since it wouldn’t be released monthly. Our goal with the updater is that you would just download that once, and use that to get the latest released version of the game. As of this release, we are dropping our usage of SourceForge and moving solely towards GitHub releases and our updater, which runs off our torrent host.


  • a0c27b5 Have CMake auto generate CBSE components. Remove autogen’d files from source tree.
  • 472b1eb Automatically initialize submodule and detect python deps
  • 2d3e664 Update travis deps
  • 182e2d2 Remove bad import
  • 8260f06 Install python deps via pip
  • 41bfc7b Add sudo to pip command
  • 302d481 Use relative dir for the CBSE target
  • 0bfadc1 Remove svc_extension, we don’t care about q3 compatibility
  • 8720251 Various cleanups to cl_cgame.cpp
  • 0bc48c1 Remove a couple now unused functions
  • cf547df Reorder clc
  • 98e4849 Make clSnapshot own their entity vector
  • 7ab7385 Fix travis
  • cb7303e Update appveyor python stuff
  • 8df11a4 Actually add the install script
  • 4a74fde Try to fix appveyor again
  • eb318c1 Fix compile error in Debug builds
  • 8f3d860 Re-indent CL_DeltaEntity
  • 9a33c12 Fix some more indentation
  • 04c9435 Initialize cvarRecord_t instances correctly
  • 4e2fbd0 Remove some useless or dangerous std::move calls
  • 4ec51b5 NUKE voip support
  • 326fb86 Make base clustering code use the new vector library.
  • 7f1612e Update CBSE readme instructions on CMake dep install instructions
  • 3837d11 Make Dragoon barbs regenerate faster near a booster and on creep.
  • 4f2f716 Minor adjustments to Dragoon barb regeneration.
  • 00aa31a Update the readme for new CMake changes
  • c62c8da move python deps to build time deps
  • 6e0f37b Fix commas
  • 69cb0ff Redesign fire spread and stop logic.
  • 206d8e0 Bundle our own FindLua.cmake
  • 0f3f673 New flamer files
  • 678adcd bump VM api version
  • 5adf5da Version bump to Alpha 46
  • 52e8fb7 Flamer particle tweaks.
  • b467d3a Fix tty client define
  • 6a9b17b Correctly transmit spectator health
  • 8f8dd95 Uncomment mistakenly commented code
  • a4fa831 Remove sf support from Default to the cdn.
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