Alpha 48: Restoring Focus

Our February release mainly fixes bugs. We have added improved mouse handling, some Breakpad fixes, and for developers, an assert framework in the code.

Alpha 48 Unvanquished
Fierce battle on Platform 23!

Mouse Handling
We have reworked the way our mouse is handled by our engine. With these changes, we have fixed many mouse focus issues, such as not locking the mouse on map load and also preventing the mouse from getting stuck in the middle of the screen when switching away from Unvanquished during map load.

Last month, we introduced Breakpad to help us catch engine and gamelogic crashes on Windows and Linux. This month, we fixed an issue where the Linux crash server did not exit cleanly and hung upon exit. This should allow us to catch crashes better.

We added an assert framework to help us explicitly state presumptions in our code. When our assumptions are wrong, it will trigger a warning and if it detects that we are using a debugger, it will even trigger a breakpoint to help debugging further. Fancy!

Looking Ahead
That’s all for this month. Stay tuned in next month where we are working on several features as we begin to gear up towards beta. We are reworking the animation system to make it easier for artists to add human models to our game. Gamelogic Lua scripting remains a work in progress. We have shifted the design of the Lua scripting framework away from mirroring the C structs in the code to mapping entity names key/value pairs mappers. Lastly, we have begun work on a tiled renderer, which will allow us to support many more dynamic lights than our current forward renderer does.

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