Expected features for alpha 3.

This is an old post from the year 2012 recovered from the Web Archive.

Hi everyone. Hope you’re enjoying your spring breaks, if applicable.

Here’s a list of things that you should be able to expect for our third alpha release, with a good degree of certainty. I’ll be making another post in ten days, on the 20th, to confirm things. However, these are all likely to happen.

  • The dretch by Gregstein and dandoombuggy. It’s being animated by gavlig and it’s coming out very nicely. This will leave the granger as the sole alien class using its old model, but you can expect this to change by the fourth or fifth alpha release. Over successive releases, the basilisk and marauder will also receive new textures, and their animations will be fixed.
  • The new acid tube, modeled by dandoombuggy and animated by velociostrich. Squirting to an alien base near you!
  • A new flamethrower by Stannum, along with possibly a new flame effect!
  • The new HUD by Paradox, with some neat new effects for both teams.
  • Bots! The bot code will be merged into the main branch soon, and some of you have already been testing it and providing valuable feedback. Fuma has fixed some of the more obvious bugs, but if you find really weird bot behavior, make sure to notify him.
  • Localization support by Qrntz and `Ishq. Tentatively speaking, we’ll likely have French and Russian localizations available on the third alpha release. If you’re bilingual and interested in translating Unvanquished to your language, please let us know!
  • GLSL shader cache, allowing for faster loading times on the new renderer. Thanks, `Ishq!
  • A new main menu screen! No more random planet! Thanks, gireen!

You can also keep track of changes to our codebase here. The bot branch can be viewed here.