Alpha 34 is out!

alpha34This release mainly contains bug-fixes and code cleanups. There has been art progress as well but it came late in the alpha cycle and the integration of the assets wasn’t perfect so we did not merge them. If you want to be kept up to date with our art progress, follow @UNVofficial where we regularly post progress on the models and animations. Thanks to the bug fixing, in this release you should hopefully not see the dreaded CM_Inline model error, doors disappearing on Windows, and errors when running demos.

Under the hood

We have also been working on our longer-term project of porting the gamelogic to using PNaCl instead of QVMs. The server side gamelogic had already been ported so we focused on the client side part. It now compiles and runs on all operating systems and we have reached correctness of the first direct translation from QVM to NaCl. However, as was expected, there was a performance hit as we need to copy big data structures (up to 100KB for snapshot_t) in a socket to communicate them, so we are now looking at improving the performance by removing synchronization points between the engine and the gamelogic, optimizing the size of the data sent and introducing a shared memory command buffer. At the same time we have started porting all the librocket code in the gamelogic, where it belonged in the first place except QVM did not allow C++, this will avoid a lot of hacks that were used to populate the librocket elements with gamelogic data. If you want to see the progress on these you can look at the nacl-cgame/main and nacl-cgame/librocket branches.

  • 4682256 Revert “Increase particle system limits.” This prevents the game from starting on Windows.
  • 69a592e Turn DropClientMsg into a SyncMessage because it will call back into the VM
  • 4492970 Version bump to Alpha 33.1
  • 31b0574 Revert “Turn DropClientMsg into a SyncMessage because it will call back into the VM”
  • 79d35f6 Revert “Revert “Turn DropClientMsg into a SyncMessage because it will call back into the VM””
  • 6544a6b Small improvements to the /play[Sound|Music] commands
  • b2c41b8 Revert “Stop using entityState_t.solid for transmitting bboxes over the”
  • b644251 Revert “Fix 615c3c3.”
  • cda263d Remove stereo support
  • 34d5127 Remove r_HeatHazeFix that noone uses anyway
  • 4518c89 Remove light/entity/interaction occlusion culling
  • 012e689 GLSL function declarations should be after the compile macros
  • 4471423 Remove CVAR_ARCHIVE cgame variables
  • 74b80c1 Load the map when playing a demo
  • 899a294 Add support for the “colorGrade” world spawn key Fixes #473
  • d8529f8 Figured out the difference between SERVERINFO and SYSTEMINFO
  • 737427a Remove some redundancy and reorder SV_DropClient
  • 46054c6 Remove arg of BotAllocateClient and introduce SV_IsBot
  • 307c410 Remove unused declaration and vars
  • 831ad05 Fix a copy paste error
  • 5c7f5ca Fix for BSD md5sum
  • 47ad268 Fix last patch for with a space
  • cb47910 Remove SDL1 support
  • f96c02c Fix UI lags
  • e343532 Version bump to Alpha 34
  • 46b938d Remove warning for when I->oav is NaN
  • 9dacad1 Update travis to use SDL2
  • 1fae126 Revert “Merge remote-tracking branch ‘origin/remove_sdl1_support'”
  • fc1cedb Revert “Update travis to use SDL2”