Here’s the rocket pod!

Now introducing the rocket pod!

1podOur latest structure added to the game, and one that will be sure to influence things to come. The rocket pod is available to the human team fairly early in their expansion, and with the removal of the tesla generator, it fulfills an entirely different niche in base and outpost construction. Where turrets provide short-range firepower to deal with threats up-close and personal, the rocket pod fires long-range rockets that possess a slight homing capability in addition to splash damage. This makes it ideal for guarding long hallways and open spaces, and the high damage per rocket ensures that smaller aliens are blown to pieces.


Stats (tentative)

  • Health: 250
  • Damage: 30 per rocket
  • Rate: Every 500 ms
  • Range: 2,000 qu
  • Speed: 1,000 qu/s
  • Cost: 10 build points
  • Unlocked: 50 momentum

2podUnlike the turret, the rocket pod will shut itself down if an alien comes too close to it, leaving it unable to defend itself. In addition to that, the structure will not fire if it would damage a friendly unit or structure – even though humans can run into a missile or catch one that was dodged by an alien. Machine-gun turrets still do reliable damage up-close but their firing range was reduced by 12.5% to make them less of the universal defense that they needed to be before. Rockets are capable of taking out dretches in a single hit and they are so far the only automated defense against dragoon snipers. We expect the tyrant to be the big loser of this change as it’s too big and slow to dodge the rockets. We’ll come up with new mechanics to make it worth its cost in the future.

The structure is, emphatically, still in gameplay development, so you may find it overpowered or underpowered at first. Do not worry! This will be evened out over successive development games, and you’re more than welcome to come every Sunday and play with us. We had an excellent turnout this past Sunday, with a packed server of eight players against eight. Next week when we release, you’ll be able to experience the rocket pod for yourself. Make sure to build one and try it out!