Vote for Unvanquished!

We are nominated for this month’s Linux Game Awards election!

While we haven’t yet reached Beta and didn’t really expect it to happen this early, winning this election (or scoring a high number of votes alone) would help us extend our coverage in the Linux/FOSS world, where gamers tend to be rather open towards playing and participating in the development of unfinished games.

If we manage to score more than thirty votes we will end up on the frontpage of their hall of fame for quite a while, which should be doable if everyone who reads this takes the time to submit a vote. If we also win the election we’ll be covered on the front pages of multiple linux gaming related sites and have a “let’s play” video created for us.

In order to vote you just need to sign up with an account name and a valid mail address. Klick here now to vote. (Granger demands you to. Granger will be angry if you don’t. Look at the picture below to see how angry granger can get.)


“Vote or I will show you my real form!” – Granger