Unvanquished Alpha 41!

Welcome to the latest Unvanquished monthly alpha release! In this release, we have a new model, more coding infrastructure work, and an updated map editor package.

Our new model is for the leech, which replaces the old hovel placeholder that we were using. Now that the leech is in, we have only one model left to finish for the alien base, and that’s the egg, which is presently being worked on. Meanwhile, the dragoon is almost done too, and once that’s in we’ll be done with alien player models as well, leaving us with only the human models and their weapons. It won’t take much longer to finish our artwork!


Code-side, we’ve moved our libRocket implementation into the new NaCl cgame VM. This is necessary so that we can use proper libRocket elements instead of the C wrapper that was in use back when we were on QVMs. Also, this will lead into using Lua scripting for interface elements, as well as increased flexibility for HUD and menu designers, since they will no longer need to edit any code. Please let us know if you find any bugs!

You can find the latest NetRadiant builds in this forum thread. If you have any questions or find any weirdness, please post in that thread.


  • 84983b0 First step in moving librocket to cgame.
  • a4fcb1d Remove client libRocket code
  • 6cbfd24 Initialize all fields of IPC::Channel in constructors
  • b477683 Remove librocket trap calls and replace them with direct calls to the library
  • a90af83 Add some syscalls. Something renders now. I don’t where the rest is though
  • 8837e75 Initialize glconfig with librocket init
  • a8bc4a5 Actually copy over all the font data when generating a font texture
  • c0ef576 Add more missing syscalls + some other stuff
  • 041516a Fix input handling with librocket
  • c5c1cf1 Add text input event to the cgame. Also remove some old unused VM calls
  • c1189fd Fix compilation of GAME_NACL AND NACL_EXE
  • 0027314 Take away focus from librocket when clearing keys
  • 4b61962 Remove incorrect command
  • 8563cd6 Call Rocket_SetActiveContext when changing keycatchers
  • 5542985 Call trap_Key_SetCatcher in CG_SetKeyCatcher
  • 21153e9 Don’t call Rocket_Render() multiple times per frame
  • c49f700 Add VMCall for sending console lines to cgame
  • e8ce926 Include NaCl precompiled libs headers in the deps zip
  • 061d61e Remove the misc_text element. It is unused and probably a performance abomination.
  • b94a425 Remove some unsued fields
  • 3f72eb1 Fix to not try to use ssao if driver does not support it.
  • 4d9bee6 Require vid_restart to load ssao shader
  • 449a475 Take only half of the samples to speed up SSAO.
  • 1318e1d Fix CMake CursesW finding routine
  • c1b2c87 Make GeoIP look for the databases also in libpath
  • fd590ac Remove GEOIP_SILENCE flag
  • 4045785 Fix travis
  • a47a931 Convert element
  • 8b09da0 Convert element
  • 6bb4960 Move Rocket update to the end of Rocket_Frame
  • b3ee6d2 Add TextHudElement. COnvert , , and to use it
  • 914e973 COnvert
  • 0f97d84 Remove unsued variable
  • e4f8ade Update librocket
  • 5ec6db4 Copy constructor for HudElement because GCC 4.6 can’t handle constructors calling constructors
  • f8f598e Replace STATIC_LIB with ROCKET_STATIC_LIB
  • b82aea2 MIssed a definition of STATIC_LIB -> ROCKET_STATIC_LIB
  • 21a114b Version bump to Alpha 41

5 thoughts on “Unvanquished Alpha 41!”

  1. hey guys, would be nice if you also kept moddb page up to date. thanks for your work!

  2. Awesome progress again! This game is really shaping up lately.

    If I was to choose what should be given polish next, it would probably be the sound and particle effects of most of the human weapons.

    Death animations also look quite dated and a ragdoll system would probably really help (death effects of buildings, especially that of the alien ones are also a bit “weak” and could benefit from some flying debris 😉 ).

    Anyways, keep up the great work!

  3. If you ask me, I think that the next thing that could use a little improvement would be the UI. It just doesn’t have a nice feel to it. It always feels unnatural when I use it. It seems like you’re trying too hard to make the UI look nice to the point where it is unnatural and overdone. Just my two cents though.

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