Tremulous/Unvanquished map comparison

Many Unvanquished maps are maps that exist on Tremulous too, either because the Tremulous mapper became an Unvanquished mapper and ported his map, or because the map was backported to Tremulous. This post is a comparison of how these common maps look on Tremulous and Unvanquished.

To take these screenshots, Tremulous map were rendered by Tremulous GPP, and Unvanquished maps with Unvanquished 0.41. To compare them I put the Tremulous map first (left) then the Unvanquished map (right).

Perseus by Pevel

Perseus was started as a Tremulous map, then Pevel ported it to Unvanquished and improved it a lot.

tremulous_2015-07-13_193526_000 unvanquished_2015-07-13_193531_000

tremulous_2015-07-13_194328_000 unvanquished_2015-07-13_194422_000

Yocto by Pevel

Created for Unvanquished, some earlier versions of Yocto were backported to Tremulous.

tremulous_2015-07-13_194644_000 unvanquished_2015-07-13_194647_000

tremulous_2015-07-13_195044_000 unvanquished_2015-07-13_195055_000

Spacetracks by Supertanker

Spacetracks was a glorious Tremulous map that has been ported to Unvanquished and converted to the new texture set.

tremulous_2015-07-14_002656_000 unvanquished_2015-07-14_002701_000

tremulous_2015-07-13_195614_000 unvanquished_2015-07-13_195624_000

Station 15 by Supertanker

Like Spacetracks, it was a Tremulous map that has been ported and the textures updated.

tremulous_2015-07-13_195938_000 unvanquished_2015-07-13_195945_000

tremulous_2015-07-13_200208_000 unvanquished_2015-07-13_200214_000

tremulous_2015-07-13_200605_000 unvanquished_2015-07-13_200611_000

Parpax by Viech

Parpax was started as a Tremulous map too, and when kharnov saw these map for the first time, he said “We need Viech for Unvanquished”. The Parpax map is continuously improved by Viech.

tremulous_2015-07-13_201338_000 unvanquished_2015-07-13_201344_000

tremulous_2015-07-13_201823_000 unvanquished_2015-07-13_201834_000

Antares by Pevel

This map comparison is special, not only was the map ported and the texture set changed, the map layout was completely redone.

tremulous_2015-07-13_204745_000 unvanquished_2015-07-13_204753_000

tremulous_2015-07-13_205131_000 unvanquished_2015-07-13_205146_000

tremulous_2015-07-13_211946_000 unvanquished_2015-07-13_211953_000

tremulous_2015-07-13_212453_000 unvanquished_2015-07-13_212458_000

Other maps

Some maps were Unvanquished maps from the start (like Yocto) but was never backported to Tremulous (unlike Yocto), they are Chasm  (by SuperTanker), Plat 23, Forlorn and Thunder (by EmperorJack). To know more about these maps, see this post.

Since Plat 23 was inspired by ATCS, I show you some comparison too. The former ATCS map was done by Jex, and as I said above, Plat 23 is a map by EmperorJack.

tremulous_2015-07-14_001133_000 unvanquished_2015-07-14_001136_000

tremulous_2015-07-14_001221_000 unvanquished_2015-07-14_001224_000

Upcoming map?

Ingar is working to port his Vega map from Tremulous to Unvanquished, this is Work In Progress state (stolen from the developer channel), he said the green lights are a bug, and it’s not finished at all, but we can see he is working on his map and what he is doing is great:

tremulous_2015-07-14_002011_000 unvanquished_2015-07-13_154926_000

Your own map?

You can contribute brand new maps (Ingar just released some NetRadiant updates) or if you have made a Tremulous map in the past, you can port it to Unvanquished and if needed, replace the texture set by a better one using the Chameleon tool Viech wrote for you!

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