Unvanquished Alpha 2: Voice Say

This is an old post from the year 2012 recovered from the Web Archive.

Hello everyone, In this blog entry I will give an overview of the voice say system which will be included in Unvanquished’s second alpha release, scheduled for April 1st 2012.

What is Voice Say?

The voice say system allows players to communicate with teammates using prerecorded audio files. When using a voice say message, a contextual version will also be printed to teammates as a way of identifying who it was from, and as a form of fallback support for players who do not have sound enabled.

Voice Say List

Abbreviation Human Message Alien Message
attacking I’m attacking. I’m attacking.
attack Attack! Attack!
backup I need backup! I need backup!
baserepairs Base needs repairs! Base needs repairs!
basestatus What’s the base status? What’s the base status?
bequiet Be quiet!
builders We need builders! We need builders!
building I’m building. I’m building.
clearthepath Clear the path! Clear the path!
defending I’m defending. I’m defending.
defend Defend! Defend!
eggs We need more eggs!
enemyisnear Careful, enemy nearby. Enemy is near!
enemyomdown Enemy Overmind down!
enemyspawnsdown Enemy spawns down! Enemy spawns down!
enemynodesdown Enemy telenodes down!
enemyterritory Enemy territory!
fallback Fallback! Fallback!
fixbase The base needs fixing!
flank Flank! Flank!
following I’m following you. I’m following you.
followme Follow me. Follow me.
gogogo Go! Go! GO! Go! Go! GO!
grangers We need grangers!
grenade Grenade! Watch out, grenade!
holdback Hold back. Hold back.
holdposition Hold this position. Hold this position.
incoming Incoming! Incoming!
inposition I’m in position.
moveup Move up! Move up!
mowemdown Mow ’em down!
needammo I need ammo!
needbasi Need friend basi!
needhealth I need health! I need health!
no No. No.
rebuildbase Base needs rebuilding.
regroup Regroup. Regroup.
reporting Reporting in! Reporting in!
retreat Retreat!
silence Silence!
sorry Sorry! Sorry!
spawns We need spawns! We need spawns!
stayalert Stay alert! Stay alert!
stayalive Stay alive! Stay alive!
stayfocused Stay focused! Stay focused.
sticktogether Stick together! Stick together!
thanks Thanks! Thanks!
watchout Watch out!
yes Yes. Yes.


/vsay [abbreviation]
Use a voice say message that can be seen and heard by your entire team.

/vsay_area [abbreviation]
Use a voice say message that can be seen and heard by nearby teammates.
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