Unvanquished Alpha 2: Overview

This is an old post from the year 2012 recovered from the Web Archive.

Hello everyone, the purpose of this series of blog entries is to give you a look at features, improvements and bug fixes that are ready for our second alpha release, scheduled for April 1st 2012. I will be updating this blog entry on a regular basis. Significant features will be given their own blog entry in order to give you more detail.

Please don’t be shy! Make sure that you post any criticism, feedback and ideas that you have on the upcoming changes. The worst that will happen is that we won’t agree. The best that will happen is that we will implement your idea or a version of your idea in order to improve Unvanquished for everyone.


  • Voice Say.
  • Pk3dir.
  • Debian Packages.
  • Mac OS X OpenAL Support.
  • Mac OS X Translation Support.
  • Tab Completion for Game Commands.
  • /editbind, /if and /modcase.
  • Scroll wheel control over buildable placement distance.
  • messagemode4 for irc_say.


  • Pulse Rifle trails are now enabled.
  • OpenAL audio caching.

Bug Fixes

  • Killer HP is no longer displayed when a player is killed by a teammate or themselves.
  • The vanilla renderer will no longer cause Unvanquished to crash when attempting to display cached models.
  • News will no longer cause Unvanquished to crash.
  • Vanquished various minor overflows, memory leaks and bugs.
  • Stencil shadows and marks on walls now function correctly on the vanilla renderer.
  • Pubkey authentication now functions correctly on Windows.
  • The winning team of the previous match is now cleared correctly.