Unvanquished 0.54.1 is here

We are pleased to announce the release of Unvanquished 0.54.1!

This release is mostly meant as a technical update. The purpose is to deliver to people various much-needed and long-overdue fixes, especially the following engine ones:

  • Some rendering fixes.
  • Some fixes for memory leaks.
  • WebP update to address a security issue.
  • A fix for a bug affecting Windows when display scaling is enabled.

This could have been an engine-only release, but it’s also nice to deliver some bot fixes that are strongly desired, so the update also delivers fresh game code. It means the 0.54.1 release comes with:

  • Better bots.
  • Translations.
  • Server browser properly displaying and parsing the server tag (things like officials and featured servers).
  • Messages telling why the user disconnected from the server.
  • Server browser properly listing servers on some mobile broadband networks which were dropping our serverinfo packets.
  • Improved performance with the ground fire effect.
Featured servers in server list.
Featured servers in server list.

On code side, this is basically a 0.55 in disguise. We don’t have time right now to do a full release so we ship that 0.54.1 instead.

Things like the complete rebuild of almost all data packages to fix a minor texture issue that was produced at 0.54 release time have been postponed. That issue was caused by a bug in a software library used by our toolchain and requires reprocessing most of our images. The complete rebuild of our data packages is delayed to the 0.55 release so some minor visual bugs may still be there. For example, the background on letters in the Perseus “Cell Block” room will still be mistakenly black. We can live with such minor issues until 0.55 is out.

If you run the game using our launcher/updater, the update is expected to be very fast since the changes are small, thanks to it being only about modified binaries and some small stuff.

This is also the opportunity to get feedback on translations, and this reminds you can contribute translations on our Weblate space so we can have a well-translated 0.55 release.

We are also  looking for an OpenGL developer to help us improve our renderer and especially the portal feature. See the dedicated blog post.

We are also evaluating Mastodon, here is our account: @UNVofficial@idtech.space, this is in addition to other accounts we already have on other social platforms.

Let’s download the game and play together! :bsuit:

4 thoughts on “Unvanquished 0.54.1 is here”

  1. As a mostly single-player player, I’m very happy with the changes to bots they are now much easier to set up. Thanks!!

    1. I’m glad this release pleases you! Merry Christmas! ✨️
      Thank you for your comment, don’t hesitate to share your experience as a single-player player in our forums, so we can have more feedback and improve it more ! 🙂️

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