Unvanquished 0.43: join the game

So, it’s September and it’s time to release Unvanquished alpha 0.43!


The most important thing to say, among many fixes, this release fixes two annoying bugs for users:

  1. The “download loop”, sometimes players were stuck downloading the same package endlessly while connecting to a sever with autodownload enabled. This is now fixed.
  2.  The “red screen” bug, introduced last release, was a UI bug that obstructed the HUD. Luckily, the community server rolled out a hotfix early to fix the bug.


Three maps are updated in this release:

  • Chasm, Supertanker added some vents and a movable ladder to access to the platform outside:unvanquished_2015-09-05_083626_000
  • Keziolio remade some high resolution textures for the Station 15 map by Supertanker, they are vegetation textures and signalling textures:unvanquished_2015-09-05_084134_000
  • Ingar updated his Vega map, he mainly added some objects on the map and recompiled the lightmaps a better way:unvanquished_2015-09-06_233502_000

On the engine side, it’s now easier to run a map that was added after the server started, which is good for server admins. `Ishq worked on his lua integration, three API are planned and the first one is already working: it’s a client-side API to manipulate the DOM of the HTML/CSS ui powered by libRocket. Two others API related to the game management itself are coming. Kangz cleaned many warnings and fixed a gcc 5.2 compilation issue.


Every one is working hard and future releases will ship exciting changes! The most important change for every one: next month we will do some gameplay experiments, so, do not miss the community games each sunday at 20:00 UTC! :bsuit:

If the lua code already landed in source tree, `Ishq will extend it with two others API: one lua API shared between client game code and server game code is planned for accessing games info (very limited) like classes, weapons, what’s unlocked etc. and another API (server-side only) is planned for accessing and modifying entities, it will be usefull for scriptable maps.

Kangz is working to make dæmon more standalone, it is a small refactor of the base layers of the engine with the goal to use them for other tools such as mapping tools, exporters, or test renderers etc. It involved refactoring the base layers to work independently of the concept of server or client.

TimePath is working on some compatibility stuff like enabling jpeg lightmaps for supporting some legacy maps, Melanosuchus is cleaning and improving the string handling code and porting extended color codes from Xonotic, and Stannum showed us some awesome shots of his upcoming battlesuit. Everyone wants to get it soon!

Change Log

Here’s the list of commits:

  • 1c3e5eb HACK: Redefine unix error codes to their windows equivalents on Windows
  • 628bcc8 Fix PARENT_SCOPE commit
  • fbb60eb Change using to typedef because travis’s gcc doesn’t like it
  • 16ed18f Pass BUILD_GAME_NACL_NEXE along when building nacl vms
  • 3b0b024 Set the external deps search path to parent scope
  • 1bed64b Version bump to Alpha 43
  • e883a79 Merge branch ‘lua’ into for-0.43
  • 6c4830c Delete commented out function and uncomment necessary function
  • 54eefc4 Merge branch ‘master’ into lua
  • 5081453 Actually send reply back for trap_R_LightForPoint
  • 85effa1 Merge branch ‘master’ into for-0.43
  • 69c463e Make nexe generation optional
  • 03ce206 Fix incorrect size for replaced HUD elements.
  • 86595a7 Fix error condition in trap_FS_LoadPak
  • 4ec32f0 Add a LambdaCmd to make it even easier to define commands
  • 1493fc9 Fix double newline in ConsoleField
  • fb4c555 Convert a Com_Printf in con_curses
  • 580fbb9 Create the homepath at FS initialization and check that homepath & libpath are valid
  • 9b49e5a Eat the download data even if we didn’t expect one
  • ad7edb1 Add debug logs for downloads
  • fbc563b Fix #803
  • caba279 Move the quit command to System.cpp
  • df803d8 Do not translate usage, Com_IsDedServer is not Com_IsClient
  • 86b92db Make WriteVariables/Aliases return a string instead
  • 4ec83b7 Put com_consoleCommand and com_ansiColor in con_ code
  • 11c2395 Make the console history use the new filesystem
  • 59338a2 Make the /delay command use Sys::SteadyClock
  • 582b326 Replace some usages of Com_[Printf|Error|Drop]
  • 7dec28b Remove unnecessary Lua librocket files
  • f35b880 Fix #802
  • f2ac4bb Remove unnecessary escaping in the deconstruct key bind option
  • f8f395b Update librocket
  • c6f9109 Rename lua -> luarocket
  • d1d08fe Add escape handling to human_build too
  • 181b900 Add a spawnflag to path_corner for stopping trains.
  • 8506e02 Guard building cgame with BUILD_CGAME in cmakelists.
  • e8f5563 Set PNACLPYTHON when generating the precompiled header
  • 3c35049 Merge branch ‘master’ into lua
  • f0ab3d9 Fix escape key handling with the new lua event system
  • 545904e Use $ instead of $ to support older cmake versions
  • c50aea9 Add /saveviewpos to save the current position to a cvar
  • cd8f302 Move over some hardcoded events to the new Lua event system
  • 84bb10b Make weapon inertia independent of framerate.
  • 228f705 Revert “Don’t truncate an int to a char when sending text input events across”
  • 320c6bc Don’t truncate an int to a char when sending text input events across
  • a7f5c76 Merge branch ‘master’ into lua
  • acdd0bf Fix opacity not working on backgrounds
  • 9d39528 Add a Timer function to Rocket lua
  • b588fec Disable -Werror for git users
  • fe755e6 Bounds check entityShared.numClusters
  • 83c95be Ignore some unused results
  • e4f9cec Squash some warnings
  • 68fae3c Merge branch ‘master’ into lua
  • eee9196 Properly pass the build configuration to the sub-cmake
  • d7be1a7 Fix build paths for NaCl VMs
  • 5a41a7b Disable -Werror for maybe-uninitialized in gamelogic
  • c079240 Shutdown the Lua subsystem in Rocket_Shutdown
  • 3a32268 Merge branch ‘master’ into lua
  • f7fe5f2 Use `-Wno-error=strict-overflow` except in CI
  • 4d08a29 Allow open files to be deleted & renamed on windows
  • ebf95dc Don’t truncate an int to a char when sending text input events across
  • 3acc740 Fix the default CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE
  • 8b23baf Fix building NaCl VMs with MSVC
  • 46720ea Clean up handling of compiler flags in cmake
  • 2cb8589 Fix precompiled headers for gamelogic on MSVC
  • 5c97a63 Fix precompiled headers for gamelogic
  • 1b811c0 Fix MinGW compile
  • a56e000 Nuke some unused code
  • 1e9e33f Upgrade external_deps and clean up cmake a bit
  • a1d83c6 Workaround broken is_pod in MSVC
  • 5fa55be Fix part of the MSVC compilation
  • db30366 Update build.sh with liblua
  • b743869 Fix crash in key bindings menu
  • 574a1b3 Fix typo in rocketElement.h
  • 166abeb Add rocketDebug command. ( void ) -> ()
  • 32d4511 Move location of cgvm.RocketFrame()
  • 1ec73fc Fix incorrect error message when not loading the ssao shader
  • db7df26 Merge pull request #793 from Keziolio/master
  • e69460a Merge pull request #789 from mbasaglia/fix_chat
  • e8984b8 window borders weren’t showing
  • 7ae3ea4 Fix red screen bug. (Remove debug code)
  • 356f497 Remove unused warning suppressions
  • b211d95 Butcherize warnings in s/c/b game
  • 224170e Fix a couple of regressions caused by the removal of the censorship feature
  • f2eaa54 Merge branch ‘master’ into for-0.43
  • 1aa2e15 Fix warnings on Mac
  • 23e46e2 Fix warnings in the renderer
  • dc42e41 Fix more warnings
  • 7650b71 Fix all regular warnings in the engine except in renderer
  • 026cf8a Use COMPILE_OPTIONS instead of the deprecated COMPILE_FLAGS
  • 3d25f0f Make audio/* use the new vector lib
  • 984d14d Remove the unused censorship feature
  • 936e8ee Nuke sgame’s Cmd_Test_f
  • 3704762 Add missing functions to null_renderer
  • ede71b1 Handle systems with no locales installed
  • f6d86d5 Detect newly added pk3s when starting a new map
  • b95daf6 Correctly use try_flag
  • 1483dc7 Fix compilation with GCC 5.2
  • 1a29f2d Update release links
  • 9a36838 Merge branch ‘master’ into lua
  • da96cfc Fix 64bit nacl suffix
  • 06f93bf Add lua as a dep for travis
  • fea5dba Fix NaCl builds with Lua
  • ab3c551 Update onCLick event for quit in menu_ingame
  • de15cf9 Merge branch ‘master’ into lua
  • 9a7f0be Merge branch ‘master’ into lua
  • 450d94c Merge branch ‘master’ into lua
  • cc6a824 Update sorting events to work with lua
  • b3aa250 If the ingame main menu is open and esc is pressed, hide all documents
  • 89ccd57 Merge branch ‘master’ into lua
  • ab68e4a Merge branch ‘for-0.31’ into lua
  • 7779e36 Remove custom event instancer and convert old inline events to Lua
  • 27eeb5c Add missing event functions
  • 2003c2a Add initial CGame events lua bindings
  • 3c2415c Add liblua5.2-dev to the list of deps for travis to install
  • 2d9d0ad Add initial Command system lua bindings
  • e7d82c4 Add initial Cvar lua bindings
  • cbcef48 Initialize lua. Fix lua build. Add /lua command
  • 3edb571 Add librocket lua files and update CMake to reflect this