Time for Alpha 6!

This is an old post from the year 2012 recovered from the Web Archive.

Go, get it!


The human HUD.

The Alien HUD.


  • The new turret! Surprise! We’ve managed to animate it in the time allotted, and you can now construct the first new human building available in Unvanquished. As always, for best results, make sure to view it on the new renderer.
  • The new human HUD! It has all sorts of neat new features. Ammunition is visible both numerically and via clip icons. Stamina can be kept track of much more easily with bar we’ve added.
  • A preview of the new alien HUD! It’s in a bit of a rough state, but it’s working and should give you a hint of what we have in mind. Since it’s still in progress, we’d like to know what you think of it, and what you’d like to see changed, added, or removed.
  • A new acid gas effect! The acid tube, which will be renamed once we can think up a better name for it, has a new gas effect that better reflects the maximum range of its attack.
  • A new grenade effect! Grenades now give off a more detailed explosion, complete with a lingering gray smoke cloud.
  • A growing effect! The new alien buildings, which at the moment are the acid tube and trapper, will grow in size until they reach their functioning forms at the end of the build timer.
  • Massive code cleanup! We’ve removed over 200,000 lines of code from the engine, and we’ve also made numerous optimizations. Memory usage should be lower, especially on servers.
  • URI support! If you click these links, you’ll be taken directly in-game to the server in question. This should be useful for our servers subforum, and to put on your clan webpage.
  • Other engine changes! They can be found in this blog post.
  • Note: if you don’t see servers in-game, make sure to delete the protocol part from your autogen.cfg in the profiles folder.