The dretch animation, and fun with bots.

This is an old post from the year 2012 recovered from the Web Archive.

I’d like to point out the progress gavlig has been making on animating our dretch, which will definitely be making it into our third alpha release. He’s been doing a great job, and will be doing the tyrant next, so look out for more videos! You can track his work on the dretch in this thread.

A lot of work recently has also been done on the bots, by Fuma. The bot code is reaching a mature state, and I’ve been playing around with them recently, hosting 12v12 bot matches locally. Although still in development, the bots have displayed some interesting behaviors, and in most cases act like the archetypal player. They run around in teams, repair structures, and run back to base to reload and/or heal. I’ve even seen the occasional teamkill from them, leading me to believe that perhaps they are the archetypal player.

Until the bot code is merged into the master branch for our third alpha, you can play around with them by compiling the ‘bots’ branch from our git. You’ll also need to compile navmeshes. As long as you can compile a navmesh from a map’s *.bsp file, you can technically run the bots on any map. When we make our next official release on May 1st, we’ll be including pre-compiled navmeshes for all of our default maps as a separate download.

Fun with bots
Fun with bots