Human player models

Let’s take a look at the current state of the human team.

At the moment, the human team will comprise of three separate models, one of which is already in-game and has replaced its Tremulous counterpart. We are working on bringing the other two in-game this year, amongst other things. Unlike models on the alien team, the human player models have access to a broad range of equipment, from armor to gadgets and weapons, all of which must be represented in some form on the model. In addition, human models must have first-person arms as well. Thus, it takes somewhat longer to animate a model for the human team, but how else will you be able to go around shooting up aliens?

Male soldier

One of the first models to be completed, work on the male soldier began during pre-alpha, although it wasn’t until the summer following our first release that he was finally added to the game. Since then he has received several texture updates, and we have been tinkering with the configurating of his armor to match gameplay changes. At the present time, he can be upgraded to wear either light armor or medium armor, with the former shown in the above screenshot. He can also equip a jetpack or a radar. More may be added in the future, and of course models will be provided for all components.

Female soldier

Functionally identical to the male soldier, the female model will use a matching set of equipment, but will naturally come with a separate voice set. The model was finished quite recently, and at the moment we are observing how it looks under our renderer and making any adjustments where appropriate. Once this stage is over with, the model will be added to our animation queue and will be in-game as soon as it’s ready.


The largest human player model, the battlesuit will tower over regular soldiers and will provide satisfying metallic stomping sounds. Both soldiers will use the same battlesuit model, but with their original voice, perhaps with a mechanical filter overlaid on top. This model was also finished very recently, and is going through the same observation stage as the female soldier. It is still to be determined how it will be represented in first-person, and we may end up providing it with a set of first-person arms. Thankfully, not all of the human weapons have reload animations, so this will perhaps not be as complicated as it sounds.