Alien player models

Now for the alien team. 

We have four completed alien models in-game already, with three more to go. Two of these will replace their current placeholders, while the third will be an entirely new type of alien player model. Where appropriate, we will provide the models with first-person claws to use. Considering that these models do not need to be animated to hold weapons, wear equipment, or turn themselves up and down, it is somewhat simpler to animate them, but it takes a while to get the model and its textures right. One thing to note is that in a future release we are going to remove the advanced forms of the aliens and use a sort of perks system instead.


Our smallest player model, but by far the most commonly encountered. Gameplay is naturally subject to change, and we are intent on making it less painful to use than its counterpart in Tremulous. Along with the tyrant, we recently found higher resolution textures for the model, allowing it to look the way it was meant to be seen. The model will probably never receive first-person claws since it bites things and its eyes are on the top of its body, but we will figure out an appropriate attack effect.


The granger was a very charismatic alien in Tremulous, and we have made sure to keep it just as green and gurgly in our game, although with an updated appearance to fit in with the rest of our highly detailed models. It has six beady, black eyes and two adorably small teeth in its mouth, along with sets of armor plates to keep it protected against the cruel humans that want to fire upon it. Another detail of note is that the granger now twerks when it taunts.


If you haven’t been keeping up on our gameplay changes, the basilisk has now become the mantis, and has a different playstyle complete with its own form of a pounce. We are in the process of finalizing the model, and we are heavily prioritizing its animation considering the state of its current placeholder. The model will receive a pair of first-person claws at some point as well. Keep in mind that the above render is in a modeling program with very fancy lighting.


This model was added last summer and was our first new player model to be animated after a stretch of new buildings. It is definitely lined up to receive its own pair of first-person claws, which will replace the present ones from Tremulous. The eyes on the model are meant to be a midpoint between the small insectoid eyes of the dretch and the more reptilian eyes of the larger aliens. If I’m not mistaken, they were based off chameleon eyes.


We are still working on this model, but you can expect to see it in-game soon as we’re highly prioritizing its animation after it is finished. The model will finally replace the placeholder, and depending on how we animate its attacks, it may or may not get first-person claws. You can expect it to retain the same pouncing gameplay you’ve always enjoyed, although now in a more delicious design.


One of our earlier models to be finished, it was added in the spring following our first release. It is by far our largest player model, and is complex enough to have two sets of texture maps, one for the head and arms and one for the main body. The model graced many of our earlier screenshots, and is still very pretty to look at, so it can perhaps be considered one of our more iconic models. We recently found higher resolution textures for it, and combined with the texture compression added a couple of releases ago, the model looks better than it ever has.


You may have wondered about a flying alien we’ve mentioned off-hand at times. Here is a very early look at what it may eventually turn into. We are serious about including a flying alien, although it likely won’t be in the game until beta. The model will be roughly marauder sized, but with a broad wingspan when flying. You’ll be able to fit it into most corridors and you’ll have a very easy time handling vertical areas of maps, although you probably won’t be very effective in closed spaces or without teammates you help you take apart heavier opponents. The model still needs to be finished, and the shot above is by the same guy doing the basilisk.