Alpha 5 time!

This is an old post from the year 2012 recovered from the Web Archive.

The flame thrower.

Happy Canada Day!


The new acid tube! Also, a new particle effect for it to make it look more like a sort of acid gas. Besides the visual effects, the tube functions just as it did in the past.

  • The new flamethrower model! It also comes with a neat new effect that looks a lot more realistic! Go burn things!
  • Translation support! You can now play Unvanquished in your native language. Our translation efforts are still ongoing, but we’ve been making great progress on quite a few languages. I’d like to thank everyone that has been contributing so far!
  • Profiles! Now you can have different settings for different people on the same computer. This can be useful if you have different settings for clan matches and public games, or if you have other family members playing on the same computer.
  • Anti-camp features! You gain bonuses to credits or evolution points if you kill an enemy near some of his defensive structures, with more of a bonus given depending on how many structures are nearby. The number of structures that can factor into the bonus is capped at ten.
  • Updated radar! Radar blips for humans and aliens look cleaner, and fade depending on distance, giving you a better idea of how far away your detected enemy is. In addition to this, the blips distinguish between players and buildings.
  • Some gameplay tweaks! You can no longer gain additional speed by jumping while moving. Building placement has been made more precise. The dragoon can now chomp after pouncing into water.
  • Some engine tweaks! The particle system has been improved. A few glitchy doors on some maps will no longer allow you to move through them without opening them. You can read more about other engine tweaks here. (thanks Anomalous!)

NOTE: due to the inclusion of profiles, autogen.cfg will be wiped clean on the first run of Alpha 5. If you have any important settings in there, copy them elsewhere. Otherwise, you will lose them!