Welcome to Alpha 10

Download it! Read on for what’s new.



We now have another brand new map in this release, the alpha version of Yocto. It’s set in what can best be described as an abandoned underwater base, and has a suitably eerie atmosphere to it. The map itself is fairly dark, and has plenty of gloomy corridors for danger to await in. Over successive releases, expect to see the map modified and expanded upon further. For best results, make sure to play it on the GL3 renderer!

Parpax update!

In this latest version of Parpax, its fourth beta, there are new areas to explore and fight in. Now that the layout of the map has stabilized, expect to see major graphical updates to it over coming releases, as the map begins to take full advantage of our engine features.

Human animation improvements!

In addition to fixing some of the pre-existing abnormalities, we’ve also added some new work. For instance, the human now has three different death animations, as well as a swimming animation. Since members of the community have stated that the current ‘taunt’ looks more like a threat, we now have two varieties of taunt for players to use. The first is the one that we already have, while the new one can be used with ‘g’, and functions as a rallying gesture. In the future, both taunt animations will have their own separate sounds.

Asset updates!

The human has a new glow map, and both the human and trapper models have new spec maps. Also, we have a new set of ambient sounds provided with this release. All of the maps that used the classic Tremulous ambient sounds will now be using our new ones, so things should at least sound different.

A VoIP menu!

You can now set common VoIP settings on the menu, instead of having to deal with the console and cvars. This should make it easier to use voice chat during clan games and special events. In future releases, we’ll be refining our voice chat system further. Make sure to give us feedback on voice chat features you’d like!

Preliminary x32 support!

As of this release, we now have experimental support for the x32 architecture, which is currently supported on Linux. Essentially, this would allow users on x86-64 (64-bit) systems to take full advantage of their hardware while at the same time being able to benefit from lower memory usage and performance gains due to differences such as the smaller pointer size. We have Unvanquished packaged for the Debian x32 port.

Renderer refinements!

On the vanilla renderer, we’ve now fixed lighting on models, so that if you’re stuck using it due to hardware limitations, things will look much better for you. In addition, tweaks to VBOs have resulted on performance improvements on the GL3 renderer. Lastly, we now have more robust handling of shader files, with checks being made to see if they are valid before loading. If they’re invalid, they’ll be recompiled automatically, which should resolve some of the graphic abnormalities that crop up from time to time.

New scripting features!

There are now new server variables to aid in server-side scripting, which are g_mapRestarted and layout. Also, /if will do basic string comparison, including equality and substring matching. The /class command can now take more than one class name, such as in “/class ckit builderupg builder”, and the first available one will be chosen.

Miscellaneous features!

You can now play Unvanquished in German! With that addition, we now have three foreign languages represented in the game. Keep up the good work! Also, we’ve now brought back instant deconstruction, as requested on our IdeaTorrent page. By pressing ‘alt+e’, you can now instantly remove buildings without having to mark them first. Finally, we’ve further refined the motion radar system introduced last release, so that things won’t show up through walls.

Note: if compiling from source, you will now need libwebp ≥ 0.2.0. Those using the installers can disregard this message.