Upcoming Bugfixes

This is an old post from the year 2012 recovered from the Web Archive.

Hello everyone,

Unvanquished Development will be releasing updated binaries over the coming days to address the majority of issues that players have been experiencing with our alpha release, which was released on the 29th of February.

Upcoming bugfixes:

  • Mouse sensitivity will now function correctly.
  • Added automatic fallback support for computers that do not support GL3.
  • BuildSkeleton, RE_AddPolyToScene and holding down three or more keys will no longer flood the console with messages.
  • /register and /unregister will now function correctly.
  • The binding interface will now function correctly for Dodge, Sprint, Secondary Attack and Use Structure/Evolve.
  • Added ALT+TAB support for Linux and Mac. Additionally, ALT+TAB will now function correctly on Windows.
  • Lines that end with a “^” character will now function correctly.
  • Maps that rely on stock Tremulous 1.1.0 maps will no longer have missing assets.
  • ALT+ENTER will now function correctly on Mac.
  • The console on the vanilla renderer will now be displayed correctly.
  • Cheat protection has been removed from r_mapOverBrightBits, r_overBrightBits and r_vboModels for players with driver issues.
  • The console now supports all 32 colours. Additionally, black is a dark grey for readability.
  • The rifle bullet casing will now display correctly on the vanilla renderer.
  • The mouse cursor will now be released when Unvanquished is minimised.
  • The construction kit will now be represented by the correct icon.
  • Connection quality has been increased by increasing the default values for “cl_maxPackets” and “snaps”.
  • A crosshair has been added to the blaster.
  • Third person view of the construction kit with the vanilla renderer will now be displayed correctly.
  • Double tap to dodge will now function correctly on Mac.
  • Stamina loss will no longer cause several blackouts.
  • R_Hunk_Alloc will no longer overflow and cause the client to crash.
  • Added a new message mode for administrator chat.
  • Minor user interface tweaks and new features.
  • Pulse Rifle is now visible.

If you currently compile your own client then you can benefit from the majority of these changes by pulling the latest commits from our git repository.

Keep an eye open over the coming days for important announcements.