Structure concepts

Here’s some brand new concept art! 

Recently, we’ve managed to fill in our concept art gap. We now have concepts and designs for every single model in the game, quite a few of which are still going through the modeling process as we speak, or simply being started upon. Contributing to this momentous occasion is Alex, a highly skilled artist that has joined our team last month. He has put in quite a bit of work on doing concepts for some of our structures, and as we speak, he’s taking a look at reworking some of our weapon designs as well. Today’s article will focus on his work. You can check out his website, too!


Like the granger, the booster has six beady, black eyes to catch your attention and win your heart. However, unlike the granger, the booster is completely incapable of moving or defending itself. Permanently stuck to its anchor on the creep, it is force-fed nutrients at a steady rate to replenish the ooze that constantly dribbles out of the pores on its back. Aliens drop by to heal themselves with the potent stream of green slime, and at the same time, it serves as a deadly poison to coat their claws and teeth with. Yet, the booster does not emit this ooze, likely out of personal choice. After all, it has arms and yet cannot free itself from its miserable existence. Passing humans and their weapons would do just nicely.


Just what is being extracted by the drill? That is still a point that I have to address through my story material, and I feel I’m on the verge of figuring out a good explanation. In the meantime, content yourself with the glowing inner core and its reassurance that your base is steadily being supplied with additional resources. The drill will be our first new building for the human team, but I highly doubt that it will be the only new structure that we add as we continue our gameplay discussions. Of course, the drill itself has cemented itself as an integral portion of the new gameplay, and its features will likely not change. You can expect to have a sturdy, chest-height structure steadily pumping out a stream of hypothetical anti-quark nanomatter.


Perhaps at one point the hive was a free-living, mobile organism, but it’s now been reduced to clinging tightly to walls, where it is fed nutrients from the creep in order to support the mass of buzzing, insect-like aliens that dwell within its carapace. Six glowing, green eyes are retained on the organism to remind you of its formerly independent nature, in addition to allowing as a means of detecting human presence to agitate the buzzing masses. The remnants of feeding structures exist on the anterior and posterior ends, a vestigial reminder of the past. It no longer needs to eat, but its parasites certainly do, and you would make a fine meal for them.


Much like in Tremulous, our barricade will contract itself towards the ground so that it can allow aliens to approach and move over it. Future gameplay changes may allow it to have other capabilities. However, in addition to a more sturdy appearance, our barricade now has a head on it like most of our other alien structures. Perhaps this would allow you to sympathize with it more, but I don’t think a barricade would make a very good friend considering its stationary nature. At least it’s kind enough to let you move over it.