Spotlight: basilisk

Let’s take a look at the basilisk.

Concept: Khaos
Model: Cupside
Animation: gavlig
Status: in-progress

As the first new form available to the alien team in the early game, the basilisk provides several advantages over the dretch while retaining portions of its playstyle. Much like its predecessor, the basilisk is a small stealth form, with a comparatively tiny body and silent footsteps. Although much more fragile than a human, it can still take more damage than a dretch. The main draw of the basilisk is its ability to grab human opponents, preventing them from moving or turning around and allowing for the basilisk to easily take down even armored opponents, although this is useless against a battlesuit. In groups, the basilisk will accelerate the healing rate of aliens around it, allowing for it to be useful in more than just a stealthy assassin role, although this remains its primary focus.

While our basilisk has not been changed much in regards to gameplay, we are still in the planning stages of figuring out the future of the form. In particular, we do not like how awkwardly the basilisk plays, and we find it to be one of the more strangely designed alien forms. A potential solution is to provide the basilisk with a movement-based attack, much like the other aliens. For instance, we may give it a sort of pounce like the dretch has, while at the same time removing it from the dretch and giving it the invisibility described in yesterday’s article. A pounce would allow the basilisk to quickly leap into grabbing range, making it much easier to take a hold on the opponent. However, we are open to other suggestions as well.

hat do you suppose would be a good gameplay change for the basilisk?