Exciting upcoming features!

We’ve long been asked about what will be in our upcoming beta release. Check here for all the cool, exciting features to come! It’s closer than you might think!


Google Chrome integration

Due to having added Google Native Client for our VM system and HTML/CSS support from libRocket, we have now been able to fully port Google’s famous browser into our game, allowing you to conveniently view our website at all times in the center of your view.

Porting to C+

Upgrading of C and C++ to C+ has commenced. This language has all the benefits of C and C++, but can fit into a third less of the space because it lacks an extra plus sign.


Illuminatus alien

Our latest alien class, which does exactly the following:

The main eye burns everything it sees when left mouse button is pressed, the closer, the more damage, up to 2100 DPS (torso) when close, and the damage decreases fast with distance, already being only 80 DPS at the range of 3 human heights, and about 40 DPS when looking at reactor from the opposite ledge in ATCS, and the minimum of 5 DPS. The attack should have infinite range. The main eye is a lens eye, but it cannot see anything while it’s in use, and compound side eyes temporarily take over, so field of vision should be reduced when the main eye is being fired.


Xonotic merge

Do you like video games? How about open source video games? What if you could play two open source video games on the same video game? That’s twice as much open source video game as you can handle!


Double normal mapping

In order to future-proof our game and ensure a steady stream of roaring tyrant screenshots to come, all existing normal maps will be strengthened using integrated GIMP plugins to provide you with the latest in bumpiness.

Integration of systemd

For our devoted Linux users, systemd has been added as a required dependency for building our game, as we firmly believe that it is the superior alternative to init. Windows and Mac users will find the game bundled with a thousand-page manifesto explaining this choice, all of which must be read before installing.


Split-screen two-player mode

What better way to experience Unvanquished than to play it with a friend on the same keyboard? No peeking! The second player receives the number pad for movement and must fight with you for control of the mouse and the rest of the keyboard.


Pixel support

Not all of our users can run our game at maximum settings, and we understand that. So, we’ve added the ability to play the game at the same window size, but at a tenth of the actual resolution! Our game is now console-ready! It’ll be just like the SNES all over again!

6 thoughts on “Exciting upcoming features!”

  1. I didn’t realize this was an April Fool’s joke until I read the comments. (I should have gotten suspicious when I read about the Xonotic merge. I feel dumb now.)

  2. I could hardly find anything about C+. How did you find it? Does it support OpenGL and other libraries you use? C++ is more used and more mature.

  3. Oh this was posten on the 1st, aww, and I got all excited to try out split-screen and Pixel Support.

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