Bots are on the official server!

This is an old post from the year 2012 recovered from the Web Archive.

Hi everyone!

We’ve just added bots to our official server. The bots are automatically loaded on map startup, and currently work on every single default map. The server will automatically download the navmesh pk3 for you, but if you want to download it faster, the direct link is here. You don’t need the bots branch compiled to play with them on our server, but if you want to run the bots on your own server or locally, you’ll need to compile it and use the navmeshes.

The bots are pretty competent as players, and will follow each other around and gang up on you. Human bots will purchase equipment and run back to base to heal and get more ammo, while aliens will evolve as soon as they obtain some kills. Bots will use all weapons and alien forms. At the moment, they’re set to an average skill level, but if people want tougher bots, we can increase that level.

Currently, they won’t build, but human bots will repair their base when a structure is damaged. Alien bots can’t wallwalk yet, but this will be added soon, along with building for both teams. As bots are updated, you won’t have to download anything on your end, they’ll simply be updated on the server side. For the moment, just build for the bots.

If you spot any hilarious behavior in our artificially intelligent brethren, feel free to make videos and take screenshots! In addition to a good laugh, we’ll spot things to fix and make the bots even better for everyone.

Known issues: bots on ATCS HD need a new navmesh, which I’ll be compiling this week. For the moment, just vote in a new map, or look at the bots as easy kills. Human bots on Nexus6 work fine, but the aliens need a new navmesh, which I’ll also be compiling again. All other maps work normally, but if you notice any inappropriate behavior, please tell me promptly!