Alpha 9 is ready!

Download it! Read on for what’s new.



A brand new map, and a visually impressive one at that. Developed over the span of many months, Thunder takes full advantage of our engine features, including all the fancy texture work you’ve come to expect. The map itself is enormous, with an abundance of areas to explore. For best results, make sure to play through it on the GL3 renderer.

Two updated maps!

Plat23 and Parpax have also received updates for this release. Plat23 now has bump mapping, and Parpax has undergone some changes to its layout, including new rooms and corridors.

Numerous art updates!

The grenade now has a new model, and in a future release, we’ll be adding a first person animation for it. There is an improved creep texture, which affects both alien buildings and granger spit. The human model, tyrant, and acid tube have updates to their textures. We also have new, shiny rifle shells for the rifle, chaingun, and turret.

Motion-sensing radar!

This is our first major gameplay change, and while it seems subtle, it has broad, interesting implications. Radar now functions by detecting motion, and it works this way on both teams. If you keep perfectly still (turning and attacking are allowed), you’ll disappear from radar detection. Jumping and movement will make you show up again.

Translation support!

As of this version, we are now releasing Unvanquished in English, Polish, and Ukrainian. Over future alpha releases, we’ll pack other languages as well once they’re finished. If you’d like to contribute to the translation effort, just visit the ‘Translate’ link on our home page. To make it easier on translators, we’ve also removed a lot of needless things from the translation list.

A HUD menu!

Installed HUDs can now be chosen from an in-game menu, making it easier to switch between them. We’ve included a new HUD for the alien team so that you can test this feature out.

MD5 improvements!

Animations on our new models are now more resource efficient, and this should be more noticeable on slower GPUs. The models themselves also take up less memory than before.

Bug fixes!

As usual, we’ve fixed quite a few of the bugs lingering from the last release, such as the cg_shadows bug. The human death animation should now display properly. There has also been the usual abundance of code cleanup.

Our wiki!

While not exactly a feature of this particular release, I’d like to draw attention to our work on our wiki. A lot of work has been put into it, especially by velociostrich, and we have some useful articles up. If you’d like to help out with our wiki, let me know!

Note: if compiling from souce, you will now need libwebp ≥ 0.2.0. Those using the installers can disregard this message.