Alpha 7 time!

Download it!

First-person alien arms!

The new shotgun!


  • First-person alien arms! Surprise! We’ve worked hard to get these in-game over the last week, and now they’re ready to be used. The basilisk and marauder arms are the very same ones that Stannum made for 1.2, and they are present as placeholders, but they look very close to our models anyway. The tyrant arms are brand new! Since the dragoon does not use a limb to attack, we’ll be making a different effect for it in the future.
  • The new shotgun! Another new weapon model, along with a new firing effect! Since we’re getting ready to include the new human model around next release, the first-person hands are updated to reflect this. Over subsequent releases, Stannum will update all of his weapons to use the new human hands.
  • A new map! We have now added Parpax to our default map selection. Viech will be upgrading the map over future releases to take further advantage of Unvanquished engine features. In the meantime, try it out! It’s a load of fun!
  • Our server browser! A test version of Osavul has been included along with our Windows installer. For those on other operating systems, you can compile it from source here.
  • The new alien HUD! Completely reworked, and more spread out than the preview HUD. You have a poison counter, a charge bar, and more!
  • A reworked menu! On the main menu, you can now access the options menu without having to load the game, and there’s also a demo menu, so you can easily access your recordings. There’s also a help menu now, too!
  • Code changes! Loads of them! In addition to numerous fixes, such as squashing some gameplay bugs lingering from Tremulous, we’ve added a few subtle features. For instance, you can now use third party assets in HUDs. Also, alien buildings will now explode immediately if they receive a hit that does more damage than their maximum health.
  • Note: if you can’t see the alien arms, set cg_drawgun to 2.