Alpha 50: April Fools


This is our April release, which contains mostly bug fixes and minor improvements.

Part of the networking code has been improved. While these changes don’t have visible effects for players, server administrators now can manage their servers more securely over remote connections.

Even though this release doesn’t provide many exciting changes, there is more going on and many new improvements will be available in the next releases.

We are working on the replacement of the current sound assets; it will take some time before we can replace all of our current sounds but many will be available starting from the next release.
Then we are going to remove some of the old and unused files from our data packages, this will reduce the size of the game.

And much more will happen in the coming months.

Commits for this release:

  • Don’t memset clc. It contains a std::string. (76aa82c)
  • Revert “Move file existence check into trap_ function.” (c416d1f)
  • Merge pull request #933 from illwieckz/fixgameplaystat (21ca53e)
  • restore newlines in gameplay stat log, partial revert c51de70, fix #932 (bed1d88)
  • brew install nettle (670e531)
  • Fix newlines in games.log (0ac99f1)
  • Version bump to Alpha 50. (ab2b7b4)
  • Trivial shader simplification, improves float accuracy a little. (2e0e9f6)
  • Merge pull request #921 from jaytersen/bug/easyfix (6f5069b)
  • Move file existence check into trap_ function. (a4b1158)
  • Merge pull request #925 from dimhotepus/master (b4f1f0b)
  • Use Str::ctolower instead of std::tolower (98f2d6b)
  • Improve GLSL extension handling. (21b9a18)
  • Fix ‘missing’ model warnings in debug build (433996c)
  • Merge pull request #828 from Unvanquished/connectionless_packet (62a64e4)
  • Remove the newline after the challenge (fdbe9c8)
  • Merge branch ‘master’ of into connectionless_packet (ed0d05b)
  • Fix crash when loading realtime world lights (bfe5530)
  • Fix first row of light tiles being not rendered for some resolutions. (47309af)
  • Partially revert ‘Remove newlines in logs’. (77f41db)
  • Always (re)set all SDL attributes before creating a context. (cc5aa2e)
  • Add trailsystem dlights for pulse rifle. (0a0a1a8)
  • Client-side command to automatically discover the correct rcon settings (d691f77)
  • Refactor the client-side rcon command (4ed6288)
  • Rename crypto string conversion functions (4a13ad9)
  • Merge branch ‘master’ of into connectionless_packet (0eb3a9a)
  • Split rcon cvars to client and server (4443f4a)
  • Fix hexadecimal string generation (97beb6a)
  • Refactor the code that lists map paks (b8d4b72)
  • Make ChallengeManager into a namespace (011593e)
  • Minor style changes (c9902aa)
  • Merge branch ‘master’ of into connectionless_packet (8eb0659)
  • Fix prints for the new commands (dbc642a)
  • Avoid inconsistencies between loopback and localhost (8264884)
  • New network address to string function (0b934df)
  • Fix an initialization order issue (71e47f2)
  • Include Common.h (3ff3579)
  • Include Compiler.h in String,h (942f5c6)
  • Info string validation (16977b8)
  • Refactor internal structures used for master servers (3a8297d)
  • Replace SV_VerifyChallenge (35d1d67)
  • Use Sys::SteadyClock for challenges (ed2d341)
  • Remove the old-style out of band network functions (de44b1d)
  • Remove a residual printf (00c9701)
  • Finer control over private servers (9dfff67)
  • Rename a few challenge-related cvars (1c7067c)
  • Refactor a couple server-side commands (38e0eef)
  • Remove broken check for localhost in NET_StringToAdr (deafecc)
  • Replace the old client challenge system (b155b77)
  • Merge branch ‘master’ of into connectionless_packet (e723089)
  • Fix engine-side listmaps (00d37aa)
  • Implement rcon secure 2 on the client (081a72c)
  • Move Rcon files to framework (f6a8da5)
  • New rcon style on the client side (08dd224)
  • Merge branch ‘master’ into connectionless_packet (038f0cb)
  • Explicit constructor (befeb3e)
  • Merge branch ‘master’ of into connectionless_packet (bcdefa3)
  • listmaps server command (9914cb0)
  • Improve the status command (57a255b)
  • Net::OutOfBandPrint (38eff6d)
  • Minor improvements to RconEnvironment (2dc850f)
  • Stricter cvar restrictions (875ced7)
  • CVars for Secure RCon (1c11a0a)
  • rconSecure cvar (6fe5601)
  • Mark old Info functions as deprecated (f768523)
  • Merge remote-tracking branch ‘origin/master’ into connectionless_packet (c211fc4)
  • Fix some returns (4fdc624)
  • Don’t include nettle/version.h (a54374b)
  • Use a different check to detect old Nettle versions (e82acec)
  • Extract Nettle wrappers to a separate header and translation unit (cbb6baf)
  • Use InfoMap for SVC_Status and SVC_Info (0746aff)
  • Rcon Info command (91f155c)
  • Don’t use exceptions for Crypto (c8625e7)
  • Use a fixed algorithm for srcon (64d4793)
  • Rename singleton accessor (804ff04)
  • Use std::vector for Crypto::Data (b4733a8)
  • Refactor String::GetHex (1ba367e)
  • Encrypted challenge-based Rcon (c514048)
  • Work in progress for encrypted RCON (59c1e4e)
  • Clean up getinfo and getstatus (9793604)
  • Port some changes to SVC_RemoteCommand present in ioq3 (c6f99e5)
  • Add ping command (93d3084)

4 thoughts on “Alpha 50: April Fools”

  1. Since previous build, unvanquished crashes with this message:

    built-in shaders failed: Couldn’t compile vertex shader: deformVertexes

    I have laptop with intel GPU and linux OS.

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