A look at the flamethrower

Here’s a look at the flamethrower concept by Alex!

The weapon is a fairly self-explanatory one. Point it at an enemy up close, hold the trigger, and hope that they get doused in the searing hot flame spouting from your weapon until they are charred to a perfect crisp. Great for tight corridors and ventilation systems, the flamethrower excels in burning through hordes of smaller aliens, although it has trouble with incinerating the larger forms fast enough, to whom the flamethrower is more of a nuisance. Much like its Tremulous equivalent, the flamethrower will largely remain a close assault weapon, used alone or preferably at a distance from one’s teammates. However, we do have some gameplay changes in store for it. You may have already noticed that it will set alien buildings on fire, and that it will also leave small flames on solid surfaces. Once the model is complete, it will gain another use: the gas tank will be able to release from the weapon and get thrown like an incendiary grenade.