A look at the lasgun

Here’s a look at our new lasgun!


The lasgun was one of the first weapons available to the human team in Tremulius, slightly overlapping the rifle’s niche by trading short-range rapid-fire damage for long-range stability and stronger shots. Highly effective at medium range, the lasgun could fire indefinitely as long as it had ammo, without the irritating need to reload. Wearing a battery pack would allow for more ammunition to be carried, although this precluded the usage of a jetpack. Both packs were particularly useful, with one allowing for longer periods of fire, while the other allowed the user to hover in mid-air, raining accurate fire down below.

Our rendition of the lasgun will likely change to reflect something more like a beam rifle, which has been one of the proposed names for it. The idea is that instead of acting like an SMG with slightly altered stats, you would instead hold the trigger down to focus a damaging laser on your opponent, complete with a beam effect that will range across the map if you fire it at the right spots. We may also give it a scope, and while it would be weaker than the one on the mass driver, it would aid in using the weapon to pick off enemies at a distance. Naturally, since there’s no recoil involved, there wouldn’t be any spread.

The model is currently being done by chris807, off a concept by art contributor KenanJ. Some other work done by chris807 includes the turret, reactor, and grenade models. You can also expect a lucifer cannon from chris807 in the future.