Friendly projects

Here are some friend projects we share some interest with! Have a look, you’ll met nice people, welcoming communities and nice projects, you may also find some of us out there. πŸ˜€

Friendly games

Xonotic Xonotic is an arena shooter, we make mutual efforts at making games better!

Smokin' Guns Smokin’ Guns is a Western-themed game evolving from a Quake 3 mod, maybe a port on DΓ¦mon engine will happen one day?

World of Padman World of Padman is a fun game evolving from a Quake 3 mod like us!

Q3 Rally Q3 Rally is another game of that great community of Quake 3 mods that became standalone!

ET: Legacy ET: Legacy is a continuation of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory project, our engine shares the same lineage!

Friendly growing game projects

Osirion Project::OSiRiON is a space trading and combat simulation, we have some key contributors in common!

KingpinQ3 KingpinQ3 is one of the remaining game projects based on XreaL to still be alive (like us)!

Quetoo Quetoo is another cool and promising project with nice people!

Friendly tools

NetRadiant NetRadiant is the level editor maintained by Xonotic, we help them a lot on making it better!

Friendly providers

FOSS Torrents FOSS Torrents is a tracker for free open source software, our launcher relies on it and our CDN servers to download the game.

A free, open-source first-person strategy shooter, pitting technologically advanced human soldiers against hordes of highly adaptable aliens