Maps: Snowstation

Here’s a new map, Snowstation!

Mapper: Supertanker
Version: beta 3
Status: in-progress

One of our latest maps, Snowstation is being designed by the venerable Supertanker, whom you may recall from classic Tremulous maps like Spacetracks and Station15. Supertanker is well-known for the sheer amount of detail he puts into his maps, and the amount of time he puts into his work, with both of his popular maps having been in development for years. Elevators are one thing he’s known for, and if you were on the Dretch Storm server during its height, you might have remembered me throwing grenades at teammates and shutting the elevator doors on them. Of course, times have changed and I’ve gone from being a massive griefer to one of the leaders of the Tremulous successor project, but don’t let the passage of time fool you: this will be a classic Supertanker map. While he has been beaten to the punch by the main elevator on Parpax and the small one on Yocto, this will gradually morph into what will surely be one of our most detailed maps. The layout itself is deceptively simple, with an inner route connecting the two bases through tight corridors, and an outer route leading players through a snow field and a tricky chasm that will instantly kill you for falling over. Early games on it have been surprisingly fun, and you haven’t lived until you’ve flown around it with the new jetpack or leaped around with the marauder.

Like all of our new maps, Snowstation will take advantage of our engine features like fancy texture effects, and will also have a falling snow particle system, a first for an Unvanquished map. You may have already experienced some of the earlier versions of Snowstation if you’ve been coming to our weekly development games on Sundays, where we test out new features and content. If not, well, now you know that you should come! All you need is the latest alpha release, nothing else is necessary as everything will be downloaded for you. In any case, you can expect Snowstation in an upcoming release, where it will become one of our official maps. Now is your chance to give us feedback on the map, which Supertanker is eagerly waiting for. If you’ve played it, what do you think of it? What would you change on the map? Is there something you particularly like or don’t like, and in the case of the latter, how would you resolve it?