Maps: Parpax

Now for Parpax.

Mapper: Viech
Version: delta 2
Status: released

Fulfilling a need for larger maps, Parpax is packed with long hallways, narrow corridors, ventilation ducts, stairwells, and even an elevator to ensure rapid transit between the two bases. Originally released as a map for Tremulous late in that game’s lifetime and quite possibly being the last map made for it, Parpax has since been fully converted to take advantage of our game’s engine features, such as normal mapped textures and color grading. The difference between the early versions of the map and the current release is a stark one, highlighting the disparity in renderer features between the old Quake 3 renderer and our modern GL3 one derived from XreaL. Regardless, the map plays well and has been thoroughly tested ever since its first release, with an abundance of layout changes having been made over its many versions. In a sense, the map can be thought of as our Niveus equivalent, maintaining a similar fashion of vertical gameplay across the multiple floors of the map. However, both teams have a much easier time defending their bases, and there doesn’t seem to be an equivalent of the window room just yet. On the other hand, our new gameplay system discourages camping, making such a choice of base location impractical.

Parpax, like the maps covered earlier this week, is in a very stable state. There isn’t much left to do with its layout, besides making minor adjustments to deal with gameplay changes. Of course, Viech would know this best, considering that he has been the one doing the implementation and design of our new gameplay, amongst many other things. Some other small tweaks might involve changing the skybox to a more detailed one, or perhaps adding in new renderer effects like volumetric lighting to certain rooms, once they’re added. What do you all think of Parpax? Do you agree that there isn’t much left to change, or is there something that strikes you as very glaring? Would you like to see more maps in a similar style? Can we prod Viech into mapping again?